Using a Child Leash – Good or Bad?

There are many controversies when it comes to using a leash on a child. Confused much?

Expert Opinions on Using Child Wrist Cuffs & Leash

According to, using a leash on a child doesn’t make you a bad mom, and here’s 11 reasons why ->

Excerpt From ->

A Two Mom Debate:

Mom 2: Look, whether it’s a leash, wristband, or cute backpack thing, the goal is to keep our children safe. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Mom 1: If you can’t handle the juggle of several kids in an open environment, buddy up with friends or family who can help. Teaching your child the rules while crossing the street or walking around the zoo is your job as a parent. So, next time you’re tempted to reach for that leash, “Freeze!” Good girl.



  • It’s YOUR Kid, Do Whatever Works
  • If You Have A Runner
  • May Help Children With Special Needs
  • All The Freedom In The World
  • It Is So Practical


  • They May Get Out Of It
  • It May Hinder Those With Special Needs
  • Some Say It Restricts Their Freedom
  • Lazy Parenting

8 Reasons for and 7 Against using a Leash ->

Kid Leash: Lazy Parenting or Safety Necessity?

My own view — as I wrote in the piece — is that while some kids, especially those with developmental issues, might truly need one to stay safe, most kids should learn to hold hands and stay close. I say that as a mother of two, who travels with my kids frequently and lives in a high-density area where we are frequently in crowds. My daughter once lost sight of me in a busy cafeteria (I could see her, though) and the ensuing panicky tears were enough to teach her to stay close – Excerpt from

If you search online, you will find many opinions why you should and why you shouldn’t using a wrist cuff or leash on a child.

In our general opinion, it depends on the situation. Every child is unique and so are situations. You may or may not like to use them, but if it leads to a sitaution where the leash can give you a peace of mind, go for it. If you feel like it’s just going to make you lazy, then don’t.

It’s that simple.

If you do decide to go for it, check out our recommended collection of animal backpack with leash for kids. They are super cute and fun for the child as well.

The main gist of why it’s bad:

  • It’s degrading
  • It’s traumatizing
  • You are treating your child like an animal

The main gist of why it’s ok to use:

  • In crowded situations, where it would be hard to hold on to your child’s hand all the time.
  • If your child is pretty active and likes to be independent.
  • If you have more than one kid to handle and they go disappearing pretty often.