Baby Crib with Wheels – Good or Bad?

Why do we Need a Crib with Wheels?

Babies needs our utmost attention – atleast during the initial stages. Does that mean we should just sit by our munchkin at all times?

What about the chores? What about our work? You may have a million more reasons!

Most of these issues can be solved if the crib can go wherever you go 😉

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Benefits of a Baby Crib with Wheels

It can go wherever you go.

You can keep an eye on the baby at all times, while doing your work too.

Convenient for cleaning purposes.

The Drawbacks

Our kids can get strong in the blink of an eye. A few jumps here and there can move the crib back and forth if the wheel locks are not strong enough.

Siblings can move the crib to UN-preferred places.

Nevertheless, the wheels can be removed in most cribs. Should you face such a complication, you can always remove the wheels and get on without having to regret making a bad decision 🙂