Baby Crib Attached to Bed

Also known as Co-Sleeping Cribs, the Baby Cribs attached to Bed are becoming increasingly popular as of late due to the many benefits that you will read about in a few seconds.

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The Benefits of Co-Sleeping Cribs

You get to sleep in peace knowing your precious heart & soul is sleeping right next to you 🙂

Helpful for breastfeeding mothers (especially those who have experienced c-sections) to be more efficient and relaxed with the frequent feeding intervals.

Brilliant way to prevent any chance of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Helpful for Babies and Children who have trouble sleeping alone at night to alteast sleep in their own crib instead of the parent’s bed.

Helpful for startup training children to sleep in their own bed

The Disadvantages

You might not be able to enjoy more of your couple time – Baby is always watching 🙂

It would be hard to make noise in your own room if the baby is a sensitive sleeper.

The children might not accept sleeping in their own room, since they are used to co-sleeping.


The benefits and drawbacks vary based on different parenting strategies and types.

Nevertheless, it’s your choice, your heart, your love and your parenthood.