30 styles Cute Baby Harness Buddy Goldbug 2 in 1 Backpack Harness Kid Keeper Infant Carrier Plush Toy Bag Animal Fun Pack


1. Material: Polyester  

2. Available designs: over 40 models-Beige Bear, Monkey, Puppy, Giraff, Piggy, Red Elmo, Yellow Elmo, Tiger, Butterfly, Owl, Dog, Brown Bear, Chimp, Cow, Frog, Duck etc. You can check different links from our store.

4. Packing: 1pcs In bulk packing(with opp bags) ; if need a color box , then please contact us to buy it individually, there will be extra cost for it!


Sample Pictuers

Frog 1Duck 1Red ElmoIMG_0256IMG_0183IMG_0154IMG_0202IMG_0303IMG_0283

Goldbug Harness buddy (GIRAFFE)1Goldbug Harness buddy (bear)1




 1686272788_14118980191686272589_14118980191686272640_1411898019Beige Dog1686272611_1411898019Panda

Lion 1_



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