2017 New Cartoon LCD The Water Temperature Meter Baby Take A Shower Thermometer Bath Thermometer Baby Bath Thermometer

2Pcs/Lot 2017 New Cartoon LCD The Water Temperature Thermometer Baby Take A Shower Thermometer Bath Thermometer Baby Bath Thermometer 


  1. This product is a bath water temperature monitor thermometer

  2. The material of the products is ABS, can undertake extrame hot and cold temperature

  3. This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and no bad smell, no harm to children.

  4. Lovely cute little yellow duck cartoon pattern design

  5. The unit of this product is Celsius (°C)

  6. Display range: 32°-40°C 

  7. Resolution:1°C/1.8°F.

How to use:
  1.  Dip it into bath water completely around 15 seconds and read the celsius degree which underlighted by green square

  2. If nothing appears on the black panel,it is say the water is too hot or too cold

  3. The panel only can display 32°C-40°

  4.  32°C-34°C is cold for baby, 36°C-38° is suitable temperature for baby,when the temperature above 38°C ,it’s too hot for baby.

  5.  When you finished baby bath, please get the bath thermometer out of the water and clean it, you can use it again next time.

  1. Don’t put the products into the place which temperature under 20°C~30°C.  

  2. Do not put it into sunshine or expose to extreme heat or cold place.

  3. Don’t use it to test baby’s temperature during 30 minutes after baby eating, drinking or exercising.

  4. Do not expose the thermometer to fire or hot lamps, keep it in cool and dry place.

  5. we suggest to buy 10-20 pieces in one time, so that we can choose more fast and safe express way to deliver it .

Package Included:

2 x Bath Water Thermometer






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